Keyboard Shortcuts for Excel

The followings are some useful keyboard shortcuts that you can use in Excel. For shortcuts with Ctrl and Shift together, it is recommended to press these two keys simultaneously using index finger (left hand), instead of using two separate fingers. (Last Update: 19.08.2021)

A. General
Action Shortcuts
Display Format Cells dialog (to modify formatting for numbers, alignment, font, border and cell fill under a single dialog) Ctrl + 1
Repeat the previous action (such as formatting or inserting / deleting columns and rows) F4
B. Copy & Paste
Action Shortcuts
Copy a cell Ctrl + C
Paste a cell Ctrl + V
C. Select Cells, Rows or Columns
Action Shortcuts
Select multiple cells on the left / right / up / down, one by one Shift + ← / → / ↑ / ↓
Select multiple cells on the left / right / up / down, from current cell to the end or until a cell that is not blank Ctrl + Shift + ← / → / ↑ / ↓
Select entire row Shift + Space
D. Adjust Colum Width
Action Shortcuts
Adjust column width to autofit the contents adjusted in a cell or a column Alt + O ⇒ C ⇒ A