Design Efficient Templates in Excel – Online Class Recordings (Sep ’21)

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Design Efficient Templates in Excel is the beginner level course for “Data Reporting on Spreadsheet” series, which aims to introduce practical techniques that can be used to setup an efficient template in Excel. By having Excel templates with adequate efficiency, Course Participants are able to improve quality of work in their daily work, as well as saving time by reducing the need of manual work on spreadsheets.

This course is suitable for users from insurance, takaful, reinsurance & retakaful companies who are looking for techniques to improve their existing Excel templates.

  1. Online Class #1 – 01.09.2021
  2. Online Class #2 – 03.09.2021
  3. Online Class #3 – 08.09.2021
  4. Online Class #4 – 10.09.2021 (with additional demonstration on Power Query)
  5. Online Class #5 – 21.09.2021
  6. Online Class #6 – 22.09.2021

Photo by Luca Bravo on Unsplash