Design Cash Flow Projection Templates

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Introduction to Cash Flow Modelling aims to introduce underlying concepts of modelling insurance cash flows on spreadsheets, which helps to establish good foundations before exploring to more complex cash flow modelling, either on spreadsheets or actuarial software (such as Prophet).

This course is organized using “building-block” approach, starting with introducing overall concepts of cash flow modelling for life insurance products, including insurance cash flow components to be setup in a model – such as premium income, expenses and claim outgo. To ensure effective learning of underlying concepts and relevant techniques, this Course uses simplified term products and yearly projections in explaining how to calculate movement of policies (“MOP”), premium income, claim outgo, actuarial present values (“APV”) and benefit reserves on spreadsheets.

Through this solving-based course, the Course Participants will learn techniques used to setup simplified insurance cash flows, as well as considerations made in the calculations, such as reserves. Problems presented during this course are simulated from the real-life actuarial works of a life insurance company.