Our Courses

Companies are made of PEOPLE. To run a company effectively, it is important to acquire correct people and equip them with appropriate skill sets. As a company pledges to support growth of insurance and takaful industry, ACTBuilder believes adequate level of technical skills are important for people in the insurance companies and takaful operators – as insurance & takaful business always deal with complex data and tedious processes.

Although our courses involve applications such as Excel or Prophet (actuarial software), they are NOT any computer or IT courses. We labeled our courses as “business courses”, as we design the courses from users’ perspective – we emphasize on how to apply technical skills on the actual business problems, instead of just learning up all functionalities of the software, More importantly, we also incorporate our knowledge and experience from our consultancy work into our courses, so that training participants can also learn business knowledge and practices beyond the software itself.

Notes: Currently we only accept manual enrollment of training participants.

Photo by Akson on Unsplash